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Product Development

Phytomedic Labs is your dietary supplement R&D product development department at-large. Let us know the types of nutritional or dietary supplement products you need as well as their target applications, and we will do the rest. Our scientists will put their years of experience to bring you well designed prototype products for testing.  

We will provide you with innovation, effectiveness, and quality.

Our job is to:

  1. research the most up-to-date effective ingredients following your price and market considerations: in some cases, isolate and extract the ingredients

  2. put them together in well-thought formulations

  3. make the prototype products, and

  4. together, we will test them for your target application(s).

We take the guess out of product development. Working with you, we would test the product(s) before you go to large scale production.

Phytomedic Labs

Once you are satisfied, we will work with our selected and audited GMP-certified, industry-leader manufacturers to assist you in producing high quality and effective product(s).

To learn about our products, view our products at a glance or view our product overview page.

For more information on the products and to order, please fill out the registration form.  If you have already registered, please login.

Phytomedic Labs

Technical Support

Phytomedic Labs scientists will work with you to develop well-researched scientific and clinical materials to help you train your technical staff and educate your sales representatives as well as your customers. Whether your customers are healthcare professionals or end-users, let our qualified scientists assist you with your education needs.

We are here to:

  • provide you scientific materials to incorporate into your marketing materials,
  • conduct seminars, webinars or one-to-one teachings to your key people

Our goal is to best support you so you can better educate your target market about the health, wellness, and nutritional benefits of your products.

Click here to contact us about your product development needs, as well as the possibility for private labeling. We have a flexible private labeling program.


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