About Phytomedic Labs

About Phytomedic Labs

Phytomedic Labs is a bio-nutraceutical-based Research & Development company that focuses on the role of nutrients, dietary supplements, and active phyto-molecules in helping the body maintain and restore wellness and biological youthfulness.

Nature has many secrets to help restore and maintain health: we strive to unravel those secrets through science!

Our Mission

Our mission is to investigate natural molecules with nutritional and medicinal properties that could be used safely and effectively to:

  • Improve cellular nutrition and vitality,
  • Optimize cardiovascular function,
  • Control excess reactive oxygen species (free radicals),
  • Maintain an effective and coordinated immuno-neuro-endocrine function,
  • Promote good bioenergetics and biomechanics function,
  • Ensure elimination of metabolic wastes, and
  • Optimize a well integrated and coordinated metabolism within the body.

We believe those are the main targets of biological functions in maintaining health and wellness, and ensuring vitality and rejuvenation.

Our Dedication and Expertise

Our efforts take us around the world looking for functional foods as well as medicinal plants, and interviewing local communities regarding the use of these plants.

In collaboration with our scientist colleagues worldwide, we then methodically identify the biochemical, nutritional, and pharmacological properties of the molecules contained in these botanicals.

There is a careful scrutiny of safety, effectiveness, and scientific facts, to help bring you quality ingredients for healthy living.


Our scientific team is comprised of biologists, biochemists, molecular biologists, pharmacists, ethno-nutritionists, and healthcare professionals, working together to blend safe and effective ingredients in formulations with proven solutions!

We are committed to provide innovative, effective, and high quality products to you and yours with care.


Thank you for your support.


M. Mamadou, PhD

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